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Film Review: “Ius Soli: il diritto di essere italiani”.


After some time off, here is my new post for Okayafrica! And I will be posting much more in the upcoming days since Festival Season has started!


Beatriz Leal Riesco

Philadelphia (19/02/2013).

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Acerca de beatrizlealriesco

Contemporary Art and Film critic, freelance curator, and lecturer. Master in Contemporary Art, University of Salamanca, with a Fellowship in La Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa. In addition to organizing numerous conferences on contemporary Danish, Czech, and African cinemas, I have published and lectured widely on such themes as the concept of authorship, film consumption and reception, film festivals, and Third World cinemas. My current research focuses on the subversive use of comedy in film, music in African films, and on the new wave of Italian filmmakers. I write for Rebelión, Africa is a Country, GuinGuinBali, Okayafrica, among other papers and magazines, and I'm a consultant for the New York African Film Festival in New York.


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